Save time, money and deliver a better finished product. Grower's Choice™ is pleased to offer our Blower Truck Service to our valued customers for quick installation of mulch, soils and Pneumatic Seeding. This revolutionary device has the ability to apply mulch and soils up to 300 feet away. It can be difficult to reach places such as roof tops and steep embankments. Our trucks will hold up to 100 cubic yards of mulch and 70 cubic yards of soil, giving you the ability to complete large scale jobs easily and quickly. Call us and let us do the work for you – you will save considerable time and money.

The Blower Truck is perfect for Mulches & Soil Mixes. Applies even, consistent layers of material. Provides efficient, top quality workmanship and saves on costly labour. The truck can apply 25 cubic yards per hour. The Blower Truck is the only choice to maintain uptime when laying Certified Playground Mulch. Take a look at our Pneumatic Seeding, Grinding and Screening services by clicking on the links below. Our services will save time and ensure quality workmanship.

Pneumatic Seeding

Grinding & Screening


Soils & Mixes

Base Materials

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Grower’s Choice™ Pneumatic Seeding is a revolutionary seeding process that combines several steps into one easy, efficient application of a nutrient-enriched compost and seed for quick installation. This one simple step eliminates many time consuming and costly steps: hauling and spreading, fertilizing, leveling, hand seeding, etc.

TerraseedingBefore TerraseedingAfter

What are the benefits to Grower’s Choice Pneumatic Seeding?
• Seed is planted rather than being exposed on the surface;
• Germination is increased because the moisture and warmth insulate the seed;
• The “blow” in application levels the rough grade of subsoil with a smooth finished layer of well draining soil;
• Most lawns can be planted in less than 2 hours;
• Improves turf quality;
• Gives fields or lawns increased resistance to environmental stress;
• Increases water holding capacity of soil;
• Improves turf root system; and
• Saves considerable money and time for you.

What does this mean for your lawn or sports field?
• Less watering, especially in drought conditions;
• Lower dependency on pesticides and fertilizer; and
• Decreases compaction, which is one of the main reasons for turfgrass failure.

Where can I use Grower’s Choice Pneumatic Seeding application?
• New lawn or sports field installation;
• Existing lawn topdressing and renovation;
• Sports field topdressing and renovation; and
• Installation of native landscapes with wildflower seed.

Tackifier Microblend – Slope Applications
Pneumatic Seeding Tackifier Microblend is water soluble and is supplied in a powder form. When mixed properly with water, it acts like glue that binds together the various components of Pneumatic Seeding (compost and seed) and sticks to the soil. This is ideal for slopes and incline applications. Adding the tackifier also binds together tiny soil particles, creating aggregate, therefore reducing erosion issues.
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We offer custom grinding and screening services for municipalities, townships and more. Our equipment is second to none - we only bring our very best equipment to your site to ensure quality and efficiency.


Peterson Pacific Grinder

Equipped with many features that most horizontal grinders do not have, a state-of the-art piece of equipment that beats its competitors hands down:

760 HP engine, capable of grinding finer materials such as brush, all the way to coarser material such as stumps and logs. Versatile track system allowing for quicker setup and shut down. This saves time therefore saving you money.


McCloskey 621 Trommel Screener and Power Screen Trommel

Options of 1/2" and 1" Trommel screens for McCloskey and any size screen for our Power Screen.
The 6 ft x 21 ft drum size allows for large screening volumes. Very versatile machines generating great productivity as well as a nice finished product.
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Certified Playground Mulch

Grower’s Choice™ is now producing and supplying Certified Playground Mulch to our valued customers. We have been supplying quality mulch and soil products to Cities and Municipalities throughout Ontario for the past several years now. Tests compliant to Detroit Testing Laboratory Inc.: ASTM F1951-99 CSA Z614-03 ASTM F2075-04-04

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Hemlock Mulch

This has been our most popular mulch for years! It’s pretty obvious as to why: its reddish brown colour is second to none, and when you add in its fresh, natural hemlock aroma, it’s a definite top seller throughout the industry.

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Composted Pine Mulch

This premium mulch is comprised of red and white pine bark and has been composted for a minimum of two years. After it has been aged we grind it to an even spreading consistency. The end result is a mulch of wonderful colour that is easy to apply and pleasing to the eye.

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Shredded Pine Mulch

Made from 100% fresh red and white pine bark that has been double-ground to an even consistency. This stunning reddish brown mulch is second to none, giving off that tantalizing fresh pine aroma that everyone enjoys!

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Valley Cedar Mulch

Our most popular, this mulch is a mixture of fresh virgin cedar and cedar bark, double ground to an appearance second to none! This mulch has a beautiful nutty brown appearance with a natural golden look coming through.

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Red Explosion Mulch

Black Knight Mulch

Gold Mulch

Brown Mulch

Red Explosion Mulch/Black Knight Mulch/Gold Mulch/Brown Mulch

Ground to a finer consistency than the industry norm, these coloured mulches are covered with generous amounts of environmentally friendly red or black dyes; these mulches are extremely popular because of their look and durability. Absolutely beautiful looking mulch!

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Forest Mulch

A blend of hard and soft woods, this mulch provides the end-user with mulch that is very dark and rich in colour. Easy to apply and very affordable, this mulch is great for large commercial jobs.

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Pine Chips

Ground to 2", these chips provide a very professional look to any landscape job. Great value!
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Screened Topsoil

We provide high-quality screened topsoil to the Waterloo Region. Our standards are rigorous: We don't judge topsoil by color … neither should you. Color only indicates that it was weathered from a specific parent rock. Instead, we maintain effective quality control to ensure our topsoil contains balanced amounts of sand, silt and clay content, as well as for pH, nutrients and organic matter.

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Premium Triple-Mix

Made for the demanding specifications required by today’s gardeners, our general-purpose mixture is a blend of rich composted organics, feeding the root system and locking in the existing nutrients.

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Super Garden Mix

This mix has become one of high demand! Introduced in 2006, Super Garden Mix incorporates a blend of top quality composts but with no topsoil. It is easy to apply and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Save money by using this mix to revitalize the drawn out soil, as opposed to replacing. Great value!

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Premium Multi-Mix

Unlike most premium two or three way mixes, Grower’s Choice™ Premium Multi-Mix is made with only compost and sand – clay free. It is university tested and contains a blend of three composted organics, providing unmatched nutrient levels and necessary oxygenation.

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Premium Nursery/Potting Mix

Made from only the highest quality materials, this mix is custom made to the Grower’s specifications. With years of horticultural experience and a loyal customer base behind us, this product proves to be one of our greatest.

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Garden Booster
(2008 Top Seller)
Made with only high quality composts, this mix provides the consumer with a mix that will revitalize any damaged soil like nothing else. Use anywhere that needs that extra ‘kick’ e.g. flowerbeds, gardens, lawns.
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Granular A


3/4" Clear Stone


Pea Stone

Screenings, Sands, Stone, Rock and Aggregates

In addition to premium mulches and soil mixes, we have
an assortment of base material ready-to-go for your project.

We stock the following base materials:
Granular A
3/4" Clear Stone
3mm Sand
4mm Sand
Pea Stone
River Rock 2"-5"